About the project

The objective of the “CORRECT IT!“ project is to gather a healthy lifestyle good practices collection and develop¬† an innovative VET training curricula, methods and contents on obesity prevention and healthy lifestyle skills for nurses, teachers, social workers in order to improve their knowledge and skills and capacitate them to positively act upon their end-users.

Over these specific objectives, the long term expectation is to offer health professionals, teachers, social workers instruments and knowledge to address issues regarding malnutrition and discrimination,  in order to prevent premature deaths and significantly reduce the burden of preventable diet-related noncommunicable diseases, obesity which are strongly influenced by lack of knowledge, awareness and care and have a profound negative impact on well-being and quality of life

The direct target groups of the project will be nurses in schools & kindergartens, the community nurses, the nurses from primary medicine, nurse educators and other health professionals, VET teachers, social workers, psychologists, professions who have an important and educative impact on population.


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